Woodshop Machinery Fundamentals (Members Only)

Please note that this is a TWO PART  workshop. 

Part ONE of Machinery Fundamentals is typically held on the second Monday of the month. Part TWO is held on the fourth Monday of the month. *For classes that do not follow this pattern, please speak with the shop captain for the second class date. 

You only need to purchase ONE ticket for access to both sessions.

About the Class

This beginner level workshop will provide instruction and hands-on experience in safely operating Lowell Makes' woodshop power machines.  It will prepare members for a level 2 checkout.

The first 3.5 hour session will focus on sawing.  The participant will learn the proper and safe operation of the following pieces of equipment, circular saw, jig saw, miter saw, band saw, and table saw.  In addition, learning how to cut effectively using the traditional panel saw...hand sawing will be covered.

The second 3.5 hour session will cover the remaining pieces of power equipment in the woodshop.  The participant will learn proper and safe operation of the following pieces of equipment: drill press, planer, jointer, hand router, table router, sanding equipment.  In addition, the participant will learn how to join boards using dowels and biscuits as well as how to do glue ups. 

This workshop is exclusive to Lowell Makes members.