Beginner Spindle-Turning Workshop (Members Only)

*This workshop is open to current Lowell Makes members.

For the beginner, this workshop will teach fundamentals of spindle turning that will qualify you for a Level 1 checkout (spindle-turning).  These techniques will provide basic skills allowing you to work independently in the lathe shop.  Carbide tipped tools will be used to learn spindle-turning.

A $5 materials fee will be collected at the beginning of class. 

Scope of workshop: 

Create a shaped spindle demonstrating familiarity with all machine parts and turning competency by finding center, turning a cylinder, smoothing to pre-sand finish, and creating beads and coves.  

General review of lathe turning:

  • Review and discuss AAW shop safety rules and protocols
  •  Review and explain lathe parts and purpose
  • Explain RPM speed selection 
  • Change belt
  • Check lathe alignment


  • Find center
  • Secure piece to lathe
  • Speed selection
  • Turn a rough cylinder
  • Smooth cylinder
  • Sand piece (reverse direction)