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Basecamp is the members forum and project coordination platform we use to communicate with our community, collaborate and discuss a number of ongoing projects at Lowell Makes. It serves as an alternative to lengthy email chains and incorporates direct messages (pings), chat rooms (campfires), message boards, to-do lists and calendars to help keep things on track.

Managing Basecamp Notifications

Once you've been added to a few basecamps, you will start getting notifications whenever there is activity. Most members will want to change their notification settings to avoid being flooded with multiple emails each day. You can do so in your Basecamp Account Settings.

Available Basecamps

Below, you will find Basecamps for specifics shops and projects within Lowell Makes. You can add yourself to these by following the respective links.

Some Basecamps are available by invitation only. You can find the entire list here.

General Purpose Basecamps

Everyone should join these Basecamp pages

Shop Specific Basecamps

Project and Events Specific Basecamps

The Basecamps listed here are rapidly evolving. Check the full list of Basecamp pages for the most up to date information